Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Councils were formed after Vatican II.

I include this quote from Cardinal Roger Mahony

“The Parish is no longer a place where parishioners go to have their needs met (as consumers,passive recipients) but a place where one and all are challenged to exercise their baptismal calling.

The challenge to move beyond a consumer mentality to a mission mentality”

The role of the Parish Pastoral Council is

  • to have an overview of the Parish,
  • to develop the vision for the mission of the Church in the Parish,
  • to plan for the continuing growth of the Parish,
  • to advise on the arrangements that need to be in place so that the ministries can properly fulfil their roles

The Parish Pastoral Council is usually appointed for a period of two years

The following are members of the Parish Pastoral Council for 2012-2013



Father Antony Vadakara Father Antony Father Antony Vadakara .(Our Parish Priest)is of course on the Parish Pastoral Council.Father Antony is a member of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate community.It is our duty to advise and assist Father Antony on the needs of the Parish.
Tom McGuireTom McGuire Tom McGuire (Chairperson)
My Father’s ancestors were Siganto,Corcoran and Veivers families who are spread throughout the northern Gold Coast,Canungra and Beaudesert.Our ancestral Homestead was on an 800 acre dairy farm nearwhat is now the Logan Tavern.I have a long history with the Surf Lifesaving movementI am a retired Queensland Police Officer.I live at Benowa and have always liked St.Mary’s parish and have been a parishioner for about 4 years.I am serving as an Acolyte and am the co-ordinator of the Acolyte and Altar Servers roster.I also help on various Liturgy committees such as Easter and Christmas
Jeff SommersJeff Sommers. Jeff Sommers (Vice Chairperson).I moved into the parish from the Newcastle area in Jan 2010.I have been a Minister of the Word since the 1970s.When I arrived in St Mary’s Parish I joined the roster for Ministers of The Word.When Father Antony asked for people interested in becoming an acolyte  I transferred to that ministry.On the Parish Pastoral Council I am helping with Faith Formation and upgrading the Parish website
IMAG0117-1Geraldine Lillingston I joined the St Mary’s Parish in 2004 after arriving on the Gold Coast from Canberra via short spell in SydneyIn 2013 I became a Communion Minster together with assisting Bill Cole with the coordination of 7.30am Sunday MassThis year I was asked to participate in the Easter Liturgy and arranged the Palm Sunday Celebration which was a very enjoyable and very special celebration for meCurrently I am the Parish Pastoral Council Secretary which I find most rewarding
Kerry DunnKerry Dunn I was born in a small farming community in the Central West of NSW – Molong. In 1976 I became a Registered nurse, which gave me the opportunity to travel.  In addition to working in Europe, I spent time in India (volunteering with Mother Teresa) and Nepal (volunteering in a Leprosy Hospital ); some places, like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai might have alternative dominant religions but there was always the need to help those less fortunate. Since moving to the area in 2006 I was delighted to become involved with our St Vincent De Paul Conference – proving to be a most rewarding experience.
Justin2Justin Torres Justin moved to Australia to study Masters in Professional Accounting. He studied Philosphy in San Carlos Seminary in the Philippines and had an active history in serving the Church since he was six years old. He is now happily married, and hopes he and his wife can contribute to the life of the parish.”
Graham HughesGraham Hughes. I have been a member of the Parish since early in the Vincentian Mission times of the 90s and was an active participant in the choir for many years.I have been a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference for most of that time
St Marys CoomeraAlex Navarro I moved to Australia with my family in 2011 and have been a member of St. Mary’s Parish ever since.

I was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California, retired from the United States Air Force in 2002 and currently work as a Safety Advisor.

I help out as a Communion Minister and AV Monitor and have been married to my lovely wife Patty for 13 years.

We have three wonderful children still at home (Sammy, 13, Alexia 11, and Jesse 10) who proudly volunteer as Altar Servers.